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Sterling Silver Supreme Massage ChairSterling Silver Supreme - ONLY 6000!

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All new Sterling Silver Supreme advanced luxury massage chair.

Massage Features

  • Kneading/Tapping/Rolling in Back and Neck with Speed and Width Adjustments
  • Air Massage Squeezes and Massages Calves, Feet, Legs, Arms & Buttocks
  • Sensor Massage System
  • Massage Setup Memory
  • Heated Back Massage
  • Vibrating Seat Massage
Additional Features
  • MP3 Player Hi-Fi Sound System
  • Removable Flash Memory Stick
  • VFD Handset
  • Headphones
  • Electronic Recline and Footrest

The Sterling Silver Supreme features a revolutionary active body scanning system. Active scanning allows the massage chair to accurately judge the shape of your spine, customising every massage to suit you personally.

In addition to active scanning, the Supreme has an automatic leg length adjustment. When the massage chair reclines the footrest is extended or retracted depending on your height to ensure you get the best leg and foot massage possible.

SuperWave DT-7000: Deep Tissue Massage
The Supreme has been designed around a new advanced Deep Tissue massage system replacing the SuperWave DT-700 previously seen only in the Sterling Symphony Sensor massage chair.

Most massage chair systems are only capable of moving up and down your spine and either use sprung rollers or and "S" shaped track. The DT-7000 system is capable of moving forwards and backwards at any point which enables it to apply the correct amount of pressure regardless of the shape of your back or the part being massaged.

Deep Heat
Deep Heat once only available in vibration massage chairs has now been made available in the more advanced fully robotic massage chairs. Heated pads are built into the waist area to gently warm your body. This effect increases the efficiency of the airbag massage, thus increasing circulation even further.

Pulse Massage
Inside the seat there are pulse massage motors. These motors can be adjusted to help you relax and increase circulation. A pulse control system helps in keeping the motors in time with all of the other massage systems.

Click Here to ORDER ONLINE!

ORDER NOW PHONE: 0800 7814766

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